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Our Mission Statement:
The Federal Volunteer Brigade is formed as a living memorial, to provide living historians a means to honor the men, who fought to preserve the Union during the War of the Rebellion from 1861 through 1865, and the women and families who supported them. The Federal Volunteer Brigade members pledge to strive to accurately portray the lifestyle of the period, with honor, dignity and respect to themselves, each other and to the memory of those we represent.

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  FVB joins  Army of the Potomac  Middle Division  

Help Wanted:   FVB is taking applications for a Brigade Saftey Officer Click here for details

1st and 2nd Regiment FVB at  150  Antietam
150 antietam
FVB 2014 event planning meeting Saturday 1/11/2014 at Pike Rest. Gettysburg PA 11am also joins Army of the Potomac middle division